Best Tree Trimming Services in Carina Heights

Treezy is a leading company providing the best tree trimming services in Carina Heights. We provide tree trimming services in Carina Heights at a reasonable cost. Trimming and pruning your tree is a critical tree care job every property owner should do. However, many, if not most, neglect this healthy and aesthetic task. Trimming and pruning trees help them grow into and maintain, their natural shape, and it is also the great tree service technique in keeping them healthy. However, experience and skills are necessary to properly trim and prune trees, especially for more mature, large trees. Treezy has the experience and knowledge to properly trim your trees in accordance with industry guidance.

In trimming trees, we always start from the crown, or top, of the tree and then work our way down. This is the best technique, both in terms of trimming technique as well as inspecting the tree for health issues. Also, it is generally a good practice following the third and quarter rules:

1) Never trim more than one quarter of the top, or crown, of a tree per season

2) Maintain the proportion of side branches being one third smaller than the trunks diameter

3) Never trim more than one-third of the tree’s height

4) Trimming should strive to maintain side branches at a 2 and 10 o’clock position

Select the Right Carina Heights Tree Trimming Company

Further, consider these additional industry standards when selecting a tree trimming company in Carina Heights

1) When trimming early in a tree’s life, assess which branches are the strongest and develop the structure around those

2) Avoid too large of cuts when trimming: if trimmed regularly you should have caught these branches when they were smaller

3) Always use sharp tools in order to make clean cuts. Dull tools create tears and rips, which are both more difficult to heal and can invite disease and insects

4) A pole pruner or trimmer is the best tool choice for larger trees, and it keeps you safely on the ground

5) For larger trees and large cuts, it is best to always use a professional. Large, heavy branches can easily overwhelm a property owner

6) Always cut branches and limbs leaving a collar – never cut right up against the trunk of the tree

In considering all these guidelines, it is always best to call a reputable professional tree trimming Service Company in Carina Heights. Doing so will prevent potentially deadly mistakes being made to your trees as well as keep you safe. As far as selecting what tree service is best to trim your trees, consider the following additional qualifications we offer:

1) Tree care is our business and sole mission in life

2) We trim trees with the long-term in mind, both from aesthetics and health perspectives

3) Our staff is trained and experience in trimming all species of tree indigenous to the Carina Heights area

4) We have all the necessary equipment to trim your trees professionally, efficiently, and safely

5) We are licensed and insured, providing you with the peace-of-mind when on your property

6) We offer best value pricing, combining our quality tree care services with competitive rates

7) We clean up your property such that you will never know we were there, less a few professionally trimmed trees.

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