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Tree removal service in Hawthorne is our most generally performed activity. It is unfortunate when a tree should be removed, but there are very legitimate reasons for doing so. These reasons include: making landscape issues, for example, not being able to grow grass; storm damage causing the tree to look unattractive and maybe even being a risk; becoming overgrown, particularly when originally planted too close to a property structure; creating problems with underground utilities; and, natural decay and death. While nobody likes to cut down a tree, as the list above attests too, it can be very necessary. So, hire our Hawthorne tree removal service to perform this job efficiently, safely, and affordably.

Tree removal always begins with a free, on-site assessment of the tree (or trees) to be cut down. During this assessment, our assessor can evaluate the removals level of complexity because of size, age, access, and location to property structures and power lines. At the end of our visit, we will give you a verbal quote and have our office staff send you the quote in writing coupled with our proof of insurance and licensing. Using our quote, you can then easily compare and contrast our estimate with any other tree service in Hawthorne you may be considering. With that said, we trust you will find our quote and level of customer service to be the best in the Hawthorne area.

Our Hawthorne Tree Removal Service Process

After you have received and agree to our tree removal estimate, on the day of the scheduled job, one of our staff will call you that morning to confirm the appointment our estimated time of arrival. We try to provide our clients with a two-hour window in which to expect us – we would like to be more precise; however, tree work can vary in length of time.

Our Hawthorne tree removal service process is systematic, safe, and efficient. Regardless if we climb the tree or access it via our bucket truck, our lead cutter will begin to remove the tree starting at the canopy. We always remove trees from the top to the bottom. That is unless a client just wants a tree to be fallen so that they can perform all the clean-up work. As we begin to remove the uppermost part of the tree, we will safely lower each large limb to the ground for further cutting. The tree will be reduced from the top-down, branch by branch until we are left with the main trunk, generally no more than 10-12 feet in height. At this point, we will fall the trunk so that it can be completely removed in sections (or rounds). We will cut the trunk at a height suitable for grinding, or if you aren’t grinding the stump, we can cut it to any height you desire. During our Hawthorne tree removal process, we will have a ground crew that functions to keep the area clean of tree debris and to cut limbs lowered down into 3-foot sections. All smaller limbs and twigs will be removed to our wood chipper, stationed close by but on the street. All the large pieces of wood can be stacked for firewood, or removed via our dump truck.

Simply call us at 0739999851 and hire our tree removal service in Hawthorne.

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