Efficient & Safe Tree Removal Services in Greenslopes

Treezy provides tree removal services in Greenslopes at a reasonable cost. As the tree removal services in Greenslopes depend on, we take tree removal seriously. It’s a complex and risky job and one that should only be done by highly skilled and experienced experts. It’s also something that cannot be undone, if a mistake is made, which is the reason it is important to choose the most qualified team to care for your trees.

Despite whether your tree is damaged from a storm, rotting from the inside out, or leaning on your home, we can remove it for you. Our team of experts has safely and successfully performed tree removals of every size, from small palms to gigantic magnolias. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not your tree should be removed, give us a call today and we will come out for a free assessment.

Expert Service for your Tree Removal in Greenslopes

Once you contact us, we will send one of our tree specialists to your home or business to survey the tree or trees of concern. He or she will give you their expert suggestion and a price estimate for the job, before working with you to schedule a day and time for service.

On the morning of your scheduled service, you will get a telephone call confirming a two-hour window during which our team will arrive. We will always commit to that two hour period, which is just part of the reason why we remain the top tree removal service in Greenslopes chooses again and again. After getting to your property and setting up, the foreman will assign a job to each crew member and the removal procedure will start.

Your tree will be cut into pieces, limb by limb, following a plan formulated explicitly for your tree. The heaviest branches will be lowered to the ground first, using a system of ropes and pulleys, followed by the lighter limbs. On the ground, the largest branches will be cut into smaller portions and the smallest will be put into the chipper. When only the trunk of the tree remains, it will then be cut into small sections and removed until all that is left is a short stump. For the duration of the removal process, the ground crew will continuously clear the area of debris, in order to avoid potential hazards and maintain a safe workspace for the team.

When the tree is down and only a small stump remains, you can leave the stump or have we ground it for you. Then, all wood from the tree will either be stacked on your property or transferred to a nearby truck to be dragged away. Our team will clean the area completely, leaving no trace. It is our promise to you to always leave your property looking lovelier than previously.

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All of our tree care experts are trained and experienced in safely removing trees – allow us to do the work for you and avoid a messy situation. Just call us at 0739999851 and hire our Greenslopes tree removal service.

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