The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

The importance of trees is evident. Many people regard trees as the single most important thing on Earth next to bees, because they are so essential to the environment. Trees play a critical role in maintaining the environment, thus without them, most life forms would not be able to survive on Earth.

When it comes to the overall ambiance of your property, trees have a tremendous value. If you own a house with a yard or any land, you are likely to have at least a few trees, if not many.

Trees not only make your whole property seem more whole and complete, but they also offer another layer of seclusion and protection. They’re ideal for when you live in a close-quarters neighbourhood, providing something between your neighbour’s windows and yours. That’s when an arborist and their expertise are so crucial, a lot of their job is centered around preserving the beauty and functionality of trees while ensuring they are safe and non-disruptive. 

What is the definition of an arborist?

The simplest way to define what an arborist does would be by calling them a “tree surgeon”. Arboriculture is the scientific, managerial, and propagation study of trees, shrubs, and other perennial woody plant life in horticulture.

An arborist’s work involves a large area. Arborists spend a lot of time working with trees. They frequently work near high-voltage lines which requires special training. Power lines can be a ticking time bomb, and arborists need to be strategic when working near them to avoid fatal danger.

Arborists are frequently hired to work high in trees, and there are several ways they can get access to heights that would make most people uncomfortable. The most popular approach for an arborist to ascend into a tree is with a rope. Spikes, or gaffs, are also used by an arborist, they attach to the worker’s chainsaw boots and allow arborists to climb and maintain their position using the straps. 

What does an arborist do? 

An arborist’s job might include small-to-medium trees as well as big and extremely established ones. Arborists may be in charge of a variety of ecological communities and their abiotic components.

An ecological community is simply explained as an ecosystem that consists of plant, animal, and bacterial communities.

Non-living physical and chemical components of the environment that impact living things and their functioning ecosystems are known as abiotic components. This might be sunshine, weather, fertilizers, temperatures, humidity levels, or radiation. 

“Arborists are not just responsible for cutting down or pruning trees as a lot may think, they are highly educated in ecological communities and need to ensure they do not disrupt their natural systems” says landscaping company The Grass Bros. 

Photo by Mike from Pexels

Arborists Know How to Care For Trees

Arborists are trained in tree care and can help to ensure they remain healthy and continue to grow. Oftentimes planting trees can be expensive so ensuring they have a sustained, long life is in the best interest of the owner of the land they grow on. Trees also take years to grow so fostering this growth, and ensuring mature trees stay alive, is essential. 

Arborists can determine the right fertiliser to use, how and where to pot and plant plants correctly and when to prune and cut for optimal growth. 

Arborists Have Safe Practices 

The second reason to hire an arborist is their knowledge and equipment that makes working on trees safe. Typical homeowners do not have the equipment required to safely and effectively provide maintenance to trees (especially large ones). 

An arborist is frequently called upon to climb up a tree in order to remove an annoying branch that is scraping your top-story bedroom window. When an arborist has to get up in your trees, they need the appropriate equipment to ensure that the work is done in the safest manner possible.

Unless you’re an arborist, finding the right harnessing equipment to safely get up in your trees will not be simple and can lead to serious injury or damage to property from a tree falling. 

Arborists Protect Your Investment in Your Landscaping

Hiring an arborist can help you protect your investment in your property. Landscaping is not a small expense so ensuring you provide proper care to plants once you purchase them is essential. 

“Having beautiful, healthy landscaping can add a huge amount of value and curb-side appeal to your home and an arborist can help you maintain that” says Pro Build Construct.  

Arborists’ Treat Weather Damage

Arborists are trained to identify and treat damage that can be caused by lightning, high winds and hail. Weather can cause holes, decay, cracks and snaps that can be extremely dangerous to your home and family. Oftentimes people won’t notice trees are damaged until it’s too late so hiring an arborist who can identify these issues early on is crucial for maintaining safety on your property. 

Arborists can even spot high-risk situations, like dead limbs, and remedy them before damage occurs. They can also use cables and braces to support trees that are in high-wind areas that are at risk of falling over or losing limbs. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Arborists Are Well-Equipped

Arborists have access to a variety of tools and protective workwear to safely maintain a tree. 

Climbing large trees necessitates the use of rigging equipment, such as ropes and harnesses, to ensure that big limbs that have been removed end up on the ground safely. It’s also necessary to transport the proper tools up and down a tree. Ropes, slings, carabiners, cable lifts, and a variety of rope are among the rigging tools that may be used. 

Arborists additionally require a lot of cutting equipment. Handsaws, prunes, pole saws, axes, wedges, and wood chippers are all examples of cutting equipment.

Arborists Can Properly Dispose of Waste

Arborists have connections and capabilities that enabled them to safely and properly dispose of tree and garden waste. 

“Arborists often will deliver cut down trees to facilities that recycle them into timber or wood chips used in landscaping which is a sustainable practice that gives the trees a second life” says Quality Timber Flooring.