The Healing Power of Nature

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The magic of natural health remedies is that they can benefit anybody, regardless of their age, health condition, or goals for improving their health. Here are the top 5 ways natural healing may help you be your best and healthiest self in 2022.

Personalised Treatment:

Because natural remedies are so vast you can mix and match them to suit your lifestyle. Natural remedies are generally gentle on your body and can have incredible success without the harsh side effects. Whether it be aloe-vera for sunburn, eucalyptus for a blocked nose or apple cider vinegar for fungal infections, the earth has many amazing healing tools.

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Powerful Healing:

Many natural remedies focus on addressing and treating the underlying causes of health issues rather than just eliminating any symptoms.

“Natural remedies are great for treating some skin conditions like acne because they really get to the root of the cause” note the lash and beauty experts from Lashstreet, “Castor oil and rosemary are both incredible natural hair and eyelash growth supplements that are gentle and effective”.

Focusing on natural healing can help you to treat hormonal imbalances or address dietary intolerances that could be aggravating the skin. It is best to consult a naturopath for advice on the best way to utilise nature for healing.

Clean Solutions:

The therapeutic powers of nature can help the body return to a state of balance through cleaner methods. Herbal treatments and nutritional healing mean natural treatments are non-invasive and cater to the body’s natural healing powers, which generally minimises any harsh side effects.

“Natural remedies explore alternative methods of healing like yoga, massage, breath work and martial arts” says the martial arts professionals at Yushukan Applied Karate, “These practices can all have both mental and physical benefits”. 

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Boosted Immunity:

Natural remedies flourish in the realm of preventive health care. You don’t need to be sick or have a diagnosed medical condition to enjoy the benefits of nature. Certain natural aids can improve the function of your immune system which is essential for preventing illness.

What Can Nature Treat?:

There are a ton of ailments that affect a person’s mind, body or spirit that can be helped with nature. Allergies, headaches, skin conditions, infertility, obesity, digestion issues, hormonal imbalances and chronic pain and fatigue are all things that have successfully been treated by naturopaths and natural remedies.  

Natural remedies can also have a positive effect on mental health. Finding treatment for chronic issues that could not be treated with western medicine has a positive effect on people’s lives. 

“When you aim to work on your mind, body and soul it has such a profound effect” says self awareness coach Elisabeth from Live by Our Codes, “It can help you in other aspects of your life and create an opportunity for you to rediscover your true self”.

As with any treatment, consult your medical professional before attempting any natural remedies.