How to Improve Your Garden Before You Sell

There are all kinds of benefits to landscaping. You’ll be able to increase your home’s property value if you keep the greenery neat and tidy. It has environmental benefits, and it can even keep you in good health. 

With these gardening tips, you’ll be able to enhance the landscaping around your home. 

1. Make Sure the Edges of Your Lawn Are Well Defined 

It’s important to mow your lawn regularly, and edging is essential as well. It’s a way to tame your lawn and keep it from looking out of control. When your lawn looks easy to maintain, it’ll be more appealing to potential buyers. It’s easy to define your lawn by creating an edge. All you need is a sharp spade that you can use to keep your lawn separated from garden beds, fencing, or paths around it. Another option is to use stones, bricks, timber, or other materials to create a physical barrier. 

2. Take Advantage of Plants 

If there are any problems with your property, you may be able to resolve them with plants. For example, you can use plants to keep neighbours from peeking into your yard or to block off the property from busy roads. Even though plants won’t block out sounds or completely obscure visuals, it’ll still improve things from the buyer’s perspective. 

Visit your local garden centre and tell them everything you can about your garden. Let them know how much sunlight you get. Tell them about your soil and how close you are to the coast. If you’re going to be selling in the near future, you can order mature hedging so that you see results right away. 

3. Utilize Weed and Mulch 

Property expert Peter Langenberg says, “It’s important to make your garden look like it’s properly maintained, and you’ll also want to show that it’s low maintenance.” Weed and mulch will help you to do exactly that. It’s best to use options like forest fines or pine bark. While options like sugarcane and lucerne are popular with gardeners, a utility mulch is a better option for a number of reasons. These mulches will keep your garden looking neat, and appearances should be your priority when you’re trying to find a buyer for your home. Mulches like dyed wood chips will stand out to some buyers, but they could turn others off. The safest option is to avoid them. 

4. Don’t Use Too Many Species of Plant In Your Yard 

It’s best to keep the types of plant in your garden to a minimum. This will give it a more uniform appearance. To a buyer, it will look like your garden is easy to care for. With this said, you shouldn’t be overly restrictive. There are benefits to having some diversity in your garden. It benefits local ecology, improves biodiversity, lengthens flowering times, limits the impact of pests, and adds visual interest to your garden. “If you’re wanting to add a bit of diversity to your green life, then I would definitely recommend suiting it to the landscaping. For example, if you have a pool, adding tropical plants around it can add a luxurious value to your property”, says pool specialist Bill Pantazis.

5. Put Down Fresh Lawn 

If you want to make your home stand out, a fresh green lawn will do the trick. If you have a large area to cover, and you want to limit your spending, Kikuyu is a solid choice. It’s much cheaper than Buffalo grass, and when you have a lot of lawn to cover, those savings will add up. If you use Premium Buffalo, such as the Kings Pride or or Sir Walter, you can expect to spend around $8.50 per square metre. With Kikuyu, the cost will be around $4.50 per square metre. 

If your lawn is starting to look patchy, or if it’s started to brown during the winter, you could use a lawn seed blend to oversow the lawn. These blends usually consist of rye and fescue grasses. By oversowing, you can leave your lawn looking thicker and greener. 

6. Look for Ways to Add Form and Colour 

Make your entrance look more welcoming by placing planters with clipped topiary nearby. If there are other pots in your garden, annual or perennial lowers can instantly enhance the look of your garden. Best of all, if you do opt to sell, you can bring your plants with you to your new place. Melbourne Photographer Stephen Eleveld says “greenery can add so much value to your photos, especially real estate photos!”

7. Be Careful When Pruning 

Pruning can make your yard look a lot cleaner. It’s an excellent way to take care of your plants. With that said, you shouldn’t get carried away. Prune your plants sparingly. If you do too much pruning, there will be nothing left.