How To Evaluate Trees Before Purchasing Your Property

Evaluate Trees Before Purchasing

Are you looking to purchase a property?

Knowing what impact the trees on that property will have can save you time, thousands of dollars, and more than a few headaches.

By placing your trees in the ideal positions, you can provide enough shade to your lawn. Failure to do that will lead to obstruction in the driveway and damage to your roof.

Did you know that a tree could be infected with a fungal disease and rot inside without any signs on the outside? On the other hand, if your trees haven’t been pruned for a long term, they could result in breakage when a storm occurs.

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Do You Really Love Your Lawn?

Evaluate Trees Before Purchasing

Do you want to plant a large shade tree in any area near your Brisbane home?

Well, you might also love having a lush lawn. In this case, you will be forced to choose between the tree and the lawn.

With time, the tree’s canopy can be restructured to allow for more sunlight to improve the overall health of your lawn. However, you should know than turf grass doesn’t grow well in a strong shade.

The outdoor experts at Cessnock Tank Works suggest, “if you choose the lawn over the tree, you can always sow other plants. With a raised garden bed, you have full control over the soil around your orchids or veggies. You can actually grow root vegetables, tomatoes, and leafy greens right outside your door with this setup.”

If you’re lucky, you don’t have to choose one over the other.

You can seek the help of a Brisbane Southside arborist will help you decide on the best way to keep the lawn and the tree. However, the best way to survive this dilemma is to let the tree or the lawn go. However, you should know that if your trees are properly positioned, there are many benefits to having properly-positioned trees in your home.

These include the following:

✓  Increasing The Property Value

Before the end of 2020, the Australian government is planning to plant at least 20 million trees all over the country. If you love trees, you should know that a recent study from the University of Western Australia identified that trees will increase your property value tremendously.

The team at All Image Architects know all about the value of working with nature on your property. “If you have a beech, oak or broad-leafed tree in your garden, the median value of your home can increase by thousands. With one study showing an increase of $16,899. Therefore, if you are planning to resell your home in the future, planting trees is the best way to get a good value for it.

✓ Providing Shade

Trees are great for providing shade and reduce the effect of the heat from the sun. When the tree is planted over your home, it will noticeably reduce the temperature in your home. If you live in Brisbane’s Southside you know how hot it can get, so you will enjoy the comfort of a cooler temperature and also a reduction in your cooling utility bills. Note that, the shade from trees can reduce your temperatures by at least 8 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, you may reduce the use of your air conditioner by 12 to 15%. By planting 2 trees in an optimal position, you can save as much as $180 every year because of the reduced cooling expenses.

✓ Moderating Wind And Controlling Water Runoff

If you live in an area prone to windstorms, planting trees is a good idea. That’s because they can filter wind and deflect it away from your home.

Trees can stop swirling winds during a bushfire and keep them away from your home thus making it easier to fight the flames. Trees will also hold and absorb water when rain pours. If there is any heavy rainfall and your home is surrounded by trees, there is a less chance of flooding.

Do You Have The Right Tree But In The Wrong Place?

When a large tree is planted very close to your house, there could be overhanging branches that cause serious problems to your roof, wood, siding or brick.

On the other hand, if there is a fruit tree hanging in the wrong area, the falling nuts or fruits will cause damage to your roof, patio or car. If the tree’s branches are in close proximity to your home, it could create easy access for possums or other types of rodents into your home.

This was the case for SEO writer Alexander Porter. He explains “with my parents retiring to Brisbane I visit often. But they have problems with possums that just kept finding ways into their roof. It took the help of the professionals to remove access and stop the nightly racket for good. If you live in Brisbane and need help, I highly recommend contacting your local tree service experts.”

Some types of trees, if planted too close to the house, can cause damage to:

the pier


beam foundation




and many other areas of your home

Roots are always expanding and they are the direct lifeline for your trees. Note that, roots can grow around, through sewer pipes and water pipes.

They will evidently cause a lot of damage. They can also lead to damage on the sidewalks and driveways, forcing them to be lifted from the soil.

Ask The Professionals

Evaluate Trees Before Purchasing

Make sure your trees are inspected by qualified and experienced arborists.

They will provide long and short-term solutions to improve and extend the life of your trees. Seasonal pruning is important to maintain the shape of your trees. If a tree needs to be removed immediately to avoid all the disadvantages mentioned above, an arborist will advise you to plant a new one for the best results.

Take your time to find the best arborist in your area to help you keep your trees in check and avoid any damage to your home. Research is very important if you want to maintain a good looking lawn.

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Author Bio: Warren Hodges