How To Choose The Best Arborist For You

It takes time to find an arborist in Brisbane Southside that will suit all of your needs. Don’t just hire the first individual you speak to about your trees.

How to Start

Make arrangements to have several certified Brisbane Southside local arborists come out and inspect your trees and recommend the appropriate action to take. Carefully listen to what they advise and then compare the responses you receive. If an arborist recommends that a living tree be removed, question the person thoroughly about their reasoning. This suggestion should only be a last resort recommendation that is used only when everything else has failed.

You should also screen any arborist who recommends trees topping unless there is an unusual cause for it. Ask for several cost estimates and then compare the job bids among the arborists. However, don’t simply choose the lowest price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Before hiring an arborist, ask for insurance information first. He or she should be able to provide you with proof of both liability insurance for property and personal damage as well as worker’s compensation insurance. 

What to look when picking your local Brisbane Southside Arborist


Always check with the contractor and ask them what type of tree and arboriculture care experience they have. It is absolutely essential to ensure that the arborist has the proper and relevant skills and experience to do the job right. Removing and pruning trees can be very dangerous and technical work, and you don’t want anyone to become injured, damage your property, or have any fatalities. Ask to see their qualifications if you are unhappy with what they tell you. 

Arborist Qualifications

There are various ways that arborists obtain qualifications for practicing arboriculture and some arborists are more highly qualified than others are. It is essential for an arborist to have experience working effectively and safely around and in trees. Arborists have a tendency to specialize in one or multiple arboriculture disciplines like treatment and diagnosis, pruning and climbing, lightning protection and cabling, or maybe report writing and consultation.

When it comes to selecting a good tree specialist it is absolutely critical for them to have the proper qualifications. Although the actual degree is not the most important thing, it is the certification and experience that comes with the degree that makes the specialists on our team the most qualified in the industry. 

Practically speaking, anyone who doesn’t have the right qualifications should not remove, cut down, or climb in large trees. An experienced and qualified arborist takes the necessary precautions to ensure that your property, trees, landscaping, and gardens are protected. Someone who does not have the right qualifications and experience could end up costing you more in remediation costs than proper removal over the long run.

Standards Compliance

The experience and knowledge that we have acquired over thousands of successful projects and performing tree maintenance ensure success for your project. We maintain all of the appropriate safety standards and qualifications including CM3 and ISO 9001. Pruning and trimming of trees by JK Cooper are conducted by our professional team who always adhere to Australian Standard AS4373: The Pruning of Amenity Trees.

However, hiring a qualified tree specialist is not simply a matter of having good practical work experienced. It is critical to hire a quality tree management company such as JK Cooper from a legal standpoint also, especially in public works like parks and schools.

The team from All Image Architects have a simple way to make sure you pick a qualified team…ask them when you get a quote! They explain “working in a professional trade means working in health and safety. We provide our standards compliance with each quote, and if you’re not sure about your arborist, ask up front. A qualified tradesman will be happy to share.

If you decide to work with a company that uses either unqualified or less-than-qualified workers, you run the risk of not only your property being damaged but also the risk of you having legal problems when local or government officials come out to inspect your property after the project is completed and they discover that the unqualified tree contractors did things improperly.


Ask the arborist if they are fully insured. If you are not satisfied with their answer, ask them to show you their certificate of currency. Any reputable company will be happy to do this.


Of course this is always important. All of us work very hard for our money and want to feel like we are getting value for our money. If you obtain multiple quotes and there are large differences between them, you need to ask yourself why? The least expensive one is not always the best.

While many people opt for the cheapest service, this doesn’t take into account long-term results. According to mental health experts Ilona Nichterlein, this is due to the psychological trend of focusing on short term goals. They explain “our brains are hardwired to focus on short term results. It’s why you buy food at the shops when you’re hungry only to get home and realise you didn’t need it. Choosing an arborist is the same. Rather than focus on the price, pay attention to the quality of the service to get a local organisation who will be worth your time and money.”

Unfortunately, from my personal experience, when it comes to tree work you get what you pay for. I am not saying you should automatically choose the most experience quote either. If you obtain quotes and there is a major difference in price between them, you should consider getting a third quote to compare them. Keep in mind that all reputable companies need to cover their overhead costs, pay for insurance, provide their staff with industry training on a regular basis, and pay staff taxes and wages. That might be why their quote is a bit more expensive. However, you can also be assured that your property and trees will be in safe and capable hands.


Every reputable business wants to have more work. After all, it is what pays the staff and bills. Therefore, they should be afraid of having their company advertising and logo displayed. In my experience, tree services that do not display their name, contact details, and logo in plain sight so that everyone can see them are the ones who have something to hide and do things wrong and do not want to be caught doing them.

Check to see if they a company website like Treezy. These days it is one of the most important types of marketing and a great way to show off previous work with the services and skills that the business offers.

Find out if they have social media accounts like on Facebook where they have pictures posted that showcase their work and skills.


Arborists should be knowledgeable about what they are talking about. They might not have answers to every single question you have but they should be quite comfortable answering most of them and offering simple explanations to you for things are not sure about.

According to Brisbane Southside business owner Gary Hamer choosing the wrong arborist can do more harm than good. He says “we regretfully picked on price and had to have another team come out a few months later to fix up the damage.

Written Quotations

Always make sure to obtain a written quote or have one emailed to you. That way you will have something you can refer to later and check to ensure that the work that was quoted is the work that was actually done. Reputable tree services in Brisbane Southside will be happy to do this and that means you will be given a set price without there being any hidden extra charges. Also, check to make sure the company ABN (Australian Business Number) is included in the quote.  We here at Treezy are fully committed to providing honest and fair quotes to our customers. If you receive a less expensive quote but will want to use our service please give us a call and we may be able to provide you with a discount. Treezy has more than 9 years of industry experience and is fully qualified and insured. We have worked throughout the Brisbane Southside so you can rest assured that your property and trees will be in good hands. Make sure to check out our Facebook page.