7 Benefits Of Plants In The Workplace

There’s something about being around nature. Most people attest to feeling much better and full of life from simply walking in the park, garden, or communing with nature. Do you have a headache or feel sad? Take a stroll around the block, preferably where there are trees, and it will all go away.  Being around nature seems to help the body and mind relax, which could be good for your productivity at work. 

These are some of the reasons more, and more people have plants on their desks or even around the workplace. The benefits of having a plant around far outweigh the few minutes you’d have to spend tending and caring for the plant. Here are some of the benefits and reasons to bring a plant or two in the workplace. 

  1. To Boost Productivity

Sydney Business Mentor Muzi Dan says, “Bringing nature into your workspace with small house plants or flowers can go a long way in boosting your employee’s performance and productivity”.

One of the reasons for this is because plants help purify the air during the daytime by using up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. The increased oxygen levels in the office mean better memory retention and lower stress levels in the workplace. Adding more plants to space can easily double the effect.

2. Reduce Symptoms of Poor Health and Absences

Introducing plants to the workplace can help reduce eye and nose irritation, fatigue, dry skin, trouble concentrating, and other symptoms of poor health among employees. With the plants improving indoor air quality and releasing fresh air, very few or even none of your employees will take sick leave. Studies also show adding elements of nature to the workplace positively impacts everyone’s health, which improves their overall well-being and productivity. 

3. Purifies The Air

Plants provide a free and perfect way to purify the air around. They use up carbon dioxide and release free oxygen to the air, reducing the chances of mental fatigue among workmates. Unknown to many, even the tiniest plants can filter out more than 25% of carbon dioxide in the office, especially in non-air conditioned spaces. 

4. Combat Stress

Stress is one of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace. Most people will easily be overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks and complain of burnout a few hours after reporting to work. Introducing plants in the workspace can, however, help combat or keep stress at manageable levels. It’s no wonder experts recommend taking a walk-in nature if feeling stressed out and wish to calm down. This principle applies in the workplace, only that you’ll have brought nature indoors. According to a study conducted in Sydney at the University of Technology in 2010, the researchers found out that introducing plants in the workplace helps:

– reduce anxiety and tension by more than 37%

– decrease dejection/depression by approximately 58%

– reduce hostility and anger by 44%

– reduce fatigue by around 38%.

5. Muffle Noises

Plants have a fantastic capability of absorbing sound. That said, placing large (potted) plants at the edges and corners of every room can help keep noises and distracting noises to the minimum. 

6. Give The Workplace an Aesthetic Boost

A workspace design architect from Melbourne knows the effect of plants to elevate a workspace. They note that introducing plants to the workplace can be a lively addition your workplace and employees. Healthy plants add a unique aesthetic appeal to the same while dead ones will have an opposite effect.  Secondly, you can use plants to add a natural connection to the company, especially in places and spots lacking natural light and appeal. Unless you prefer a sterile or bland look for the company, bringing in a few potted plants can do the trick. 

7. Improve Creativity

Adding natural elements to office setups or around the workplace can help boost creativity by about 15%. According to Sydney life coach Jeanine Sciacca, “This is because our brains are programmed to appreciate nature and tend to relax better when in and around nature, not in a bland space”. Adding plants to the workspace is thus not just for show but to boost everyone’s creativity and productivity. 

So why not consider plants to create the inviting workspace you’ve always wanted.