5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Experts For Tree Stump Removal

Thinking of getting rid of that tree stump in your yard? 

It might be tempting to do it all on your own but it’s not that easy and can become a huge mistake

Cutting down a tree is relatively easy but getting rid of the tree stump requires a lot more work. 

You need proper expertise, skills, knowledge and equipment to completely remove the tree stump. 

Without proper equipment, knowledge and skills, your DIY attempt to remove a tree stump can go horribly wrong. 

This is the reason, it is recommended to hire experts to get the tree stump removed completely in a safe and smooth manner.

man cutting tree stump with chainsaw

Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump 

If you’re wondering why you need to get rid of that tree stump, here are a few reasons: 

Problematic Roots – Tree roots can grow deep and eventually, the roots will wrap around and damage foundations, water pipes and the lift pavement among other things. 

Eyesore – It doesn’t look good when you have an old tree stump just standing in your yard and it will look worse if weeds and other plants start growing on it. 

Get Some Space – An old tree stump is not just an eyesore but also takes up valuable space. By removing it, you will get a clear and wide yard to landscape or to expand your home. 

Hazard – A lone tree stump in your yard will typically be covered by weeds, glass or other plants causing you to inadvertently stub your toe or trip over it. In case your house is in a bushfire prone area, it also poses a huge fire hazard.

Trees provide an exterior display of your home, but sometimes they tend to get a little out of control says housing experts at Credit Capital. They claim that “trees have the tendency to add value to a home. They create a natural element of any home and it’s important to maintain the outdoors as well as the inside. Up-keeping trees around your home can be difficult so why not leave it to the professionals”.

DIY Tree Stump Removal is Dangerous and Expensive 

Many people go the DIY way when it comes to removing tree stumps. 

The problem is they don’t have the right equipment or knowledge and often puts themselves and other people at risk. 

There is also the danger of using equipment you are not trained to handle as it might injure you or someone else. 

Moreover, proper equipment for tree stump removal doesn’t come cheap. 

When you consider all these possibilities, you’ll find that it’s much more expensive to remove the tree stump on your own. 

Tree stump removal is cheaper as compared to cutting down a tree and therefore, you should seriously consider hiring the services of a professional for this job. 

It will not only save money but you will also remain safe.

tree cutting safety equipment

Benefits of Hiring Experts for Tree Stump Removal

#1 Experienced Professionals 

Professional arborist’s will make sure that the tree is removed with proper equipment. 

They have a lot of experience and they will ensure that tree stump is removed safely and without putting your property or life at risk. 

Removing a tree stump safely involves precise cuts and careful use of stump grinder, and you won’t find instructions to do that in any instruction manual. 

According to home exterior experts at Wayne’s Landscaping it’s important to understand both the art and science required to create an exterior space when it comes to trees and excavation. They state that “professional tree care and removal starts with experienced personnel. Trees both large and small have the tendency to have even larger root systems that can be dangerous when trying to remove. Put your faith in those who live and breathe tree care, it’s cheaper.”

#2 Right Knowledge 

There are times, when your local council needs to give you permission to get rid of the tree stump. 

If you are not aware of the rules, hiring a professional arborist will make sure that you get the best advice on the proper course of action to be taken depending on your unique circumstances. 

A professional arborist also knows how to deal with certain tricky situations including dealing with gas lines and electrical wires getting entangled in the grinding machine. 

#3 Proper Equipment 

Professional arborists not only have access to the right equipment but they also have the necessary training to make sure that everything is done safely. 

They typically make use of a stump grinder along with a hand-held machine to get rid of the tree stump completely. 

#4 Safe Operation 

Tree stump removal is not only difficult but also dangerous as it involves a heavy log. 

They will figure out the right way to remove the tree stump without endangering anything or anyone nearby. 

After proper assessment, they will make sure that tree stump is removed in pieces without injuring people or damaging any property. 

Their work also involves job safety analysis to identify any potential hazards and how to deal with them.  

#5 Cleaning up after Removal 

There will be some shavings and debris left after removing the tree stump and these are typically not picked up by rubbish collectors. 

Your only option to get rid of the debris is to find a rubbish removal company without which you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy. 

If you decide to remove the large tree roots on your own, you will put yourself at risk.

Hiring a professional arborist ensures that your yard is cleaned after tree stump removal in a safe, efficient and prompt manner which means your property will be completely free of debris once the tree stump is removed. 

Do you still think it’s a good idea to pull that stump out yourself? 

We have gathered the finest tree surgeons ready to tackle your tree needs