5 Reasons to Hire a Stonemason

Stonemasonry is among the world’s oldest professions. It is responsible for the building of many of the earliest shelters, bridges, temples, and monuments. If you decide to choose this service you will be choosing a very reliable and time-tested process. Many residential and commercial building owners recognise the value of stonemasonry since it continues to be very popular and has stood the test of time.   

Determining whether or not you want to use stonemasonry services is a two-part question. Is masonry right for me is the first question and do I want to have stone masonry, is the second question. Masonry refers to constructing a building out of single units that use mortar to bind them together. Stonemasonry uses stone units for this process.  

Before you decide whether or not you need to make use of stonemasonry services, let’s first take a closer look at the various kinds of stones that masonry services use. That will provide you with a better idea of the kind of work that stonemasonry services can achieve, and also help you tell your stonemason precisely what you want.

Igneous – Granite is among the most durable, strongest, and hardest stones. It is frequently used to construct floorings, countertops, kerbstones, and churches.

Metamorphic – Marble is a stone that is easy to work with. However, it is mainly used for making sculptures. Slate is well-suited to use in sharp detailed work since it has a hardness and fine grain.

Sedimentary – Two of the most popular kinds of sedimentary stones are sandstone and limestone.

Artificial – Casted or artificial stones are made out of crushed stone, sand, and cement. Usually artificial stone is a good economical option. 

5 signs that stonemasonry is right for you.

When deciding on the kind of construction that you need to have for your commercial or residential project, consider what you want your finished product to do and look like.

1. You need durability 

Stonemasonry is very strong due to the material’s natural durability. If you are thinking about using stonemasonry on a commercial project that will be seeing large compression loads or high-foot traffic, then if you choose stonemasonry it will guarantee that your construction will be able to withstand the speed, weight, and force that comes with these conditions for many years into the future. It is a very popular option for commercial buildings such as apartment complexes and malls. Buy Eco Wise are an Australian owned eco friendly ecommerce store which believe durability is the key to sustainability. They stress the importance of choosing materials that will withstand wear and tear from the smallest daily objects like straws, to the building you live and work in.

2. You need to have high-resistant materials and construction. 

Stonemasonry is highly resistant against natural disasters, rotting, pests, and weather – which is a key factor to everyone who lives in Australia. With our diverse wildlife and erratic weather, it is necessary for our commercial and residential buildings to be constructed using materials that can resist and withstand nature. Commercial bathroom suppliers, Gentec Australia, often recommend stone for outdoor freestanding structures. “Stone is resistant to wind, rain, fire and is often not stable enough for graffiti artists to vandalise so withstands the public setting longer than most materials,” says a representative for Gentec.

3. You need a non-combustible option. 

When it comes to safety advantages, stonemasonry is as good as it gets. Stone is fire-resistant naturally, which for many of our customers is a key selling point. Due to its improved fire protection, many house and apartment complex owners choose stonemasonry services since it protects both buildings and their occupants. It also makes it a very popular option for fire pits and fireplaces.

4. You would like to have customisation 

Stonemasonry offers a product that is ideal for anyone who likes natural styles or earth tones. Or you can select stone material and then customize it based on the texture, size, and color that you want to have. Gary Hamer has worked among many customers throughout his career as an interior designer and agrees stone’s natural elements are still very popular. He adds, “natural colors and textures are one of this year’s top interior design trends, so stonemasonry is a top choice if you want to have the freedom to be able to customize.”

5. You are located in Sydney 

Due to the high-foot traffic and weather patterns in Sydney, along with unfortunate bushfires and how popular a natural aesthetic is with its residents, the many benefits provided by stonemasonry make it a durable and excellent option for your upcoming residential or commercial project. A representative from Series of Events Australia has noticed trends in clients choosing event halls built with stone as they offer a unique and elegant appearance, a quality especially desired for weddings.