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At Treezy we are continuously looking for the next leader in the Arboriculture industry. We believe that those who work hard should be the ones to get the rewards, but it’s not all about hard work! Professionalism, Customer Service, Safety, Innovation and Care are the values we use to guide our actions and choices every day in the workplace. It is our commitment to delivering our service to the highest standards in our industry that informs these values. If you're ready to take the next step in your career and believe that your values align with ours, we’d love to have you as a part of The Treezy Team.


Why professionalism is so important to The Treezy Team.

It can be difficult to compete with some of the big companies when it comes to size and gear, as well as some other areas. We can however, not only compete with but, easily out perform all of our competitors when it comes to professionalism. Most people in this industry don’t care about the work they do, let alone the client. We do!

Punctuality . This means being on time, all of the time. One minute late is late. If we are going to be late for any reason, anything more than five minutes, we call ahead to let them know. Aim to be 15 minutes early.

Manners. Cleaning up after ourselves, no rubbish left onsite ever! No rubbish to go into truck or through chipper.

Language. Unless we are absolutely certain that no one else can hear us I expect swearing to be kept to a minimum. Swearing in front of client is not on.

Discrimination. Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, and any other form of discriminatory behavior or language is not ok. You are entitled to your opinions but expressing them in a way that can potentially cause anybody offence cannot happen while in the workplace.

Plants and Animals. People, clients and potential clients, judge us in everything we do. People are not rational and make decisions based on things that seem to have very little to do with ‘our job’. Unnecessary destruction of property or plant life will be seen as unprofessional, intentionally killing anything, particularly possums or birds, is illegal and will not be tolerated at Treezy. What you do in your own time is up to you, killing anything whilst working for Treezy will be met with instant dismissal. It cannot happen.

Polite, Courteous and Caring. If you are being employed it is because we believe that you do care about the clients and the job you do. There will be times where you will have to deal with difficult clients, we expect you to maintain professionalism during these times. Some of the best referrers of business are the most difficult clients to begin with. We will not be employing anybody who we believe doesn’t care about both the people we work for and the job we do.

Although we perform tree works, we are primarily in the customer service industry. Excellent customer service is one of the ways we are differentiating ourselves from our competitors so that we can build a business we are proud to be associated with.

To be different from other business in this industry, we must do things differently, this is not lip service, I will be holding everybody including myself accountable to this.

Bryan Porter

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Much the same as with professionalism, being a relatively new business there are some areas that we may not be able to provide the same service as other more established businesses, however there are many areas where we are able to provide a much better service than any other company I have seen so far.

Clean up. How we leave a job is as important or even more important than how we do the job. It is what the client is left with, people are irrational, if they are happy with a job when we leave but then discover later that they have a broken fence paling, divots in the lawn and a pile of leaves hidden under their deck most people are not going to be giving us good reviews to their friends. Word of mouth is everything!

Politeness, Manners and Friendliness. I cannot emphasize this enough! I would rather employ a climber or groundie who was slower and less experienced than another more experienced climber or groundie based on how they are with the clients. Take the time to talk to people, have a cup of tea with the old ladies, listen to the old blokes stories, make them feel comfortable and happy with you.

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This means giving a crap! Caring about the clients before, during and after we have done the job for them. Caring about the people you work with. Caring about peoples homes, gardens, and anything else that is important to them. Caring about the gear, the trucks, the chippers, the chainsaws, the ropes, everything. We look after the gear as best we can.

Safety. If you have worked in the Arboriculture industry then you will know that it can be dangerous, I expect you to be a leader when it comes to safety. I expect you to take the time to teach other less experienced employees or contractors about the dangers of our industry and how to plan and execute to minimise the risk of injury or damage to property.

Property. This one is a no brainer. Wherever possible we aim to minimise damage to surrounding plants, garden beds, footpaths, driveways, pools and anything else that we encounter on a day to day basis. Fill in divots, move plants if possible as well as anything else that a client or I might reasonably expect you to do.

The gear. I am well aware that we don’t currently have the best trucks or chippers available, this doesn’t mean we don’t look after them as if they were new, in fact, it means we need to take more care with the gear not less. Particularly when driving trucks and operating chippers always think about preservation of the gear. I will be upgrading the gear over time AND it will happen quicker if I don’t have to spend money on replacing clutches, gearboxes, diffs, drum bearings and other expensive parts unnecessarily.

The business. Caring about the business is understanding that how we conduct ourselves while representing Treezy will directly affect the success or lack of success the business experiences over time. If the business is successful it means better conditions, better pay, better equipment, better opportunities as the company grows and generally a better place to work. Given how much of our time we spend at work, I think, enjoying the work we do and who we work with and the company we work for is pretty important.

Environment. Working around trees has made me look at and think about them differently than I used to. In the past where I saw a ‘big tree’ now I see how important that tree is to the local environment, for other plants and animals and also for us. You only have to go to places where there has been widespread clearing of old growth forest or virgin bush land to see they are not particularly nice places to be. I think we have a responsibility to be advising landowners how to manage their trees and properties in a long term sustainable way. I do not support clearing of land for the sake of it. I think we should be encouraging homeowners to retain native flora wherever practical to do so.

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