Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision at Treezy is to become the best Tree Services company in Brisbane Southside… then Australia! Here are some of the areas we are currently working on, driven by customer feedback, to improve the service we offer.

Website – We are busily working on improvements to this site. Improved usability; making it simpler and more intuitive to navigate your way around the site to access the services you need. Chat function; our developers are currently building this in, it should be ready to go by the end of June. Quality content; This is a challenge for all websites who wish to rank well on search engines like Google; to rank well you need to use keywords in your content for SEO purposes but this is often detrimental to the content itself, finding the right balance is an art, and an art we are learning.

Online quoting system – Although there are other companies offering a similar service, we believe that for this function to be valuable to our customers this process needs to be quick, simple and intuitive. We are working to make this feature simple and reliable across the many different types of smart phones and tablets currently available.

Incoming call system – In an effort to make our incoming call system more user friendly we have recently changed our supplier for this service. It is not perfect! But we are working with our provider to make this as smooth and reliable as possible.

Follow up and feedback system – We want to make it easier for you to provide honest, valuable feedback. It’s only through honest feedback that we can know where and how to allocate our resources to improve the service we offer. The channels we currently have are; Google reviews, Facebook reviews and email to our Client Care or Support emails.

Analysis – We’re reviewing all of the jobs we do based on the dollar value of the job against the satisfaction level or our customers to see what types of jobs we are best at and what types of jobs we need to improve on. Customer retention; how many of our customers come back to use our service multiple times. Referrals; how many customers refer us to their friends and family. And feedback; How many customers leave positive or negative reviews on our feedback channels are some of the ways we are measuring the satisfaction level of our customers.

Value – We aim to deliver the highest value service for our customers as possible at a competitive price. Only through customer feedback can we know what parts of the Treezy experience is valuable to you. From that feedback we can then make choices about where we need to invest our resources to help us best deliver on our vision.

If you have suggestions on any of these areas, or others, please don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our emails.

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Who Are The Treezy Team?

The Treezy Team is a group of people committed to building the best tree services company on Brisbane Southside. Constant innovation driven by customer feedback is what separates us from the rest. We have developed a unique system to allow our customers to provide honest, valuable feedback and a culture of continual improvement that drives the changes and choices we make. As we expand and move closer to our goal we are always looking to find new ways to gain a competitive edge over the others and deliver a higher standard of service to our customers. Innovation, Customer Service, Professionalism, Safety and Care are what makes us different.




As CEO it’s my job to look for ways to continually improve the services we deliver. As a relatively new business there are many different areas to work on to achieve this. The difficulty is in deciding where to allocate the available resources next. To help solve this problem we are looking at ways to make it easier to receive customer feedback and then analyse the feedback we get against many different measurement criteria. We hope that by using customer feedback data we can make choices about where and how to allocate our resources such that the changes we make are seen as valuable by our clients.

Ultimately, we want our clients to tell us what parts of the service we offer is valuable to them and what parts are not and use that information to guide our decisions as we look to expand our business into the future. It is through Innovation, Customer Service, Professionalism, Safety and Care that we are able to fulfill on our goal of becoming the best tree services company on Brisbane Southside, then Queensland, then Australia!

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Client Care

My role as leader of The Client Care Team involves many different tasks. It is my responsibility to ensure clear communication with our clients at all times, to provide a feedback channel for both positive and negative feedback, to report to management on all feedback, track the progress of jobs, follow up with clients as well as many other things. My role is vitally important because the customer feedback I gather is used to make changes to all aspects of the business from our incoming call system to invoicing and everything in between.

I’m committed to developing my skills in all of the areas for which I am responsible so that I can better assist our clients and to meet their needs as well as growing Treezy towards our team goals. I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you to have your gardens and trees looking there absolute best.

If you have anything you would like to know or have any feedback for us, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Have a great day!

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Tech Operations

As the Technical Operations Manager at Treezy my role is to oversee the research and implementation of new systems, which provide support for the onsite staff to be able to perform their jobs safely, efficiently and affectively. Training and upskilling staff on how to use these tools allows us to better deliver the services we provide to our customers and is a vital part of our ability to innovate as we grow into the future.

Overseeing the development of the Treezy Standard Operating Procedures was an important step, which has allowed us to implement many systems and practices other companies don’t have. It’s innovative ideas met with practical applications that helps us deliver our promise to be the best tree services company in Australia.

We are currently working on a range of things, from this website to our incoming call system and our follow up processes and many others as part of our commitment to continually growing and improving the services we deliver.

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